Is Coronavirus Caused By Our Karma?

WARNING: Maybe You Shouldn’t Read This

This is a factual analysis of the root causes of our recent Pandemics which, by the way, killed the first American today in Washington State. If you’re a meat eater, you might not want to read this. It might hurt your feelings, and you might feel defensive and enraged about the facts presented. If you’re not open minded to the truth, this is really gonna piss you off. I can’t physically stop you from reading this, but I’m giving you full disclosure. You might feel uncomfortable with me suggesting that Coronavirus was caused by meat eating because then you would have to look at your actions. But, I really want you to know something dear friend. I love you regardless of what you put in your mouth each day. I wish you happiness, freedom from suffering, and a warm joyful existence full of meaning and laughter. May you become a Buddha in one lifetime. May you become a beacon of compassion and protection for all beings, and may every living being be comforted by your very existence on this here blue planet spinning along in the infinite universe.

Did Meat Eating Cause The Coronavirus?

What do Coronavirus, SARS, Swine Flu (H1N1), Mad Cow Disease, and Ebola have in common? These diseases originated from animals, then transferred to humans. This means they were never before dealt with in the human species, therefore we had no vaccines, cures, and perhaps most importantly, human immune systems had likely never dealt with them during human evolution. Why were humans handling the animals that passed these diseases to us? Because humans wanted to kill and eat those animals.

Definition of Karma

To provide a simple, direct explanation of the definition of Buddhist Karma, it’s cause and effect. Anything we think, say, or do is the cause for a future result. So, thought, speech, and action plants the seed for future results and consequences. There are no actions that don’t cause consequences. Pretty straightforward right?

Human Desire For Meat

Now, there’s a potentially catastrophic Coronavirus pandemic spanning the globe. My question: Why hasn’t anyone mentioned the root cause of these pandemics which is our insatiable desire to eat meat? If we just analyze the facts associated with these pandemics: We handle animals because we want to eat them, then they infect us with potentially fatal diseases. I grew up eating meat every day as a kid, then I changed my diet to a plant-based diet in 2012. Let me say that I actually stopped eating red meat in 2006, and tried to stop eating chicken and fish at the same time but continued to fail to let go of my habitual chicken, turkey, and fish consumption purely because I was dominated by selfishness. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t live with myself if I continued to sacrifice the lives of innocent animals for my own food desires which is why I changed my diet to plant-based in 2012. It wasn’t easy, and the only reason I was able to do it was because I saw all the documentaries about the torturous hellish lives the innocent animals live inside of farms. That broke my heart and I decided I could never eat meat again. Now that I’m observing these many pandemics, my humble opinion is that it’s an example that killing and brutalizing animals is not in accordance with the laws of nature. My personal belief is that the laws of nature are in accordance with, and in alignment with compassion and love. Compassion and love protect everything and harm nothing. Imagine if nobody would have eaten any animals, then nobody would have been infected with these diseases. There would have been billions of animals saved, and hundreds of thousands of humans saved. So, we are watching our human Karma playing out with these diseases.

Is Compassion the Silver Bullet

This discussion about Coronavirus brings us to a perfect segue-way to discuss Compassion. You might be wondering: why should we develop love and compassion? Is it possible to develop love and compassion? It’s definitely possible, and it’s something spiritual practitioners have been doing since the dawn of man. As to why we should develop love and compassion, there are many reasons to develop love and compassion. The Buddhist definition of love is wishing for others to be happy, and compassion is wishing for others not to suffer. The opposite of love and compassion is selfishness or self cherishing which entails prioritizing one’s own happiness above others. I believe if every human on earth was brimming with love an compassion for others, the world would become a pure, heavenly place where everyone would be completely full of bliss! In other words, I’m suggesting compassion is a silver bullet for everyone’s happiness. In the text above, I gave clear, concise examples of what happens when we prioritize selfishness above altruism, and selfishness above love/compassion for others. In this case, we’re dying and animals are dying because we cannot stop our desire to eat them. But, what happens when we prioritize love and compassion for others above selfishness? In a word- protection. It protects us and them! We become happier when we protect others, and they become happier when they are safe. When we prioritize love and compassion for others above our own selfishness, we get a small escape from the bondage and imprisonment of our own endless list of wants and needs. We’ll never find any peace when we’re bound and gagged by our own relentless self seeking because we’ll just hit wall after wall through our addictive chase of happiness & fulfillment which can never deliver real contentment. Practicing compassion let’s us step off the battlefield of the timeless war of selfishness, and step into the peaceful universe of boundless love.

A Prayer from Garchen Rinpoche for the Coronavirus

His Eminence Garchen Rinpoche

I’d like to share a beautiful prayer from one of my precious teachers, His Eminence Garchen Rinpoche who I believe is a living Buddha. He gave instructions that we can say this precious prayer for those suffering with the virus:

Tashi Delek! The coronavirus is spreading across the world. Such a disease is the result of having collectively accumulated a lot of karma with hatred and jealousy.

Everyone should supplicate the deity. There are many different deities, and we are told: “supplicate this deity” or “supplicate that deity.” Actually, there is no difference between the deities. You should supplicate whichever deity you trust and have faith in.

“All the buddhas are one within the expanse of primordial wisdom”. You should supplicate whichever deity you personally trust and have faith in. In particular, to whom you have connection, apply the balm from the Gyanagma Prayer Wheel to the nose in the morning and evening. It will surely protect you. Further, wearing these wristbands will also be of benefit. So mainly, use the balm and take more blessing pills.

Praying for these who have fallen ill, four disciples can gather to practice together, or you can do practices online, or you can practice at home by yourself. Visualize whichever Buddha you practice in the space before you and imagine that the light rays [emanating from this Buddha] pervade the entire world. In this way, practice the deity while meditating on the immeasurable love.

It doesn’t matter which deity you practice. Pray to whichever deity you have the greatest faith in. For this, the World Peace Prayer is most important. Thus, whatever practice you are doing, together with it, recite the World Peace Prayer often. So, take the blessing pills continuously and apply the Gyanagma balm under your nose. This is important. I will also keep praying.


To the unfailing sources of refuge, the Three Jewels and Three Roots, and especially Chenrezig, the protector of the Land of Snows, to Noble Tara and Guru Padmasambhava, I pray: please remember your sacred pledge of former times! Please grant blessings that this aspiration be entirely fulfilled!

In this dark age of decline, the thoughts and actions of beings are corrupted, and the balance of the outer and inner elements is lost. Through these causes and conditions, humans and animals alike are seized by epidemics and diseases unknown in the past. They are struck by planetary demons, nāgas, evil spirits, dark forces, and elemental spirits. Crops are damaged by blight, frost, and hail, and there is fighting and dispute. Untimely rains, heat waves, and droughts in the world; fear of earthquakes, fire, adversaries, and natural catastrophes; and in particular, evil hordes that hurt the teachings, and so forth, cause harm and violence throughout the world.

May these be swiftly pacified and vanquished from their very roots! In the minds of all beings, human and non-human, may precious and supreme bodhicitta arise naturally. And, free of harmful thoughts and actions, may the minds of all be filled with love for one another! May the entire world enjoy abundant happiness and wealth!

May the Buddha’s teachings spread far and endure long! By the truthful power of the Three Roots, the buddhas, and bodhisattvas, by whatever virtuous roots there are in samsara and nirvana, and by the power of our highest pure intention, may this aspiration be fulfilled!