Compassion Cures The World

Compassion, according to Buddhism, means the wish for other living beings not to suffer. I’ve been practicing Buddhism for about 6 years, and I genuinely appreciate the power and pragmatism of Buddhism. Today, I’ll share a little about the importance of Compassion in our Burning world.

Covid-19 is causing a lot of negative implications including sickness and death of the people who catch the disease, and anxiety, sadness, isolation, and a host of negative emotions for those who don’t catch the disease. It’s fair to assume that there aren’t really any humans that are not affected by the disease. NOW more than ever, we need compassion, so I want to talk about some things that, if contemplated, can help you become more compassionate.

  1. All living beings have the same mind. What I mean by the is is that although we don’t recognize our similarities, we all have naked, pure awareness as the basis of our being. Our minds are all the same in that we perceive, cognize, know, and have awareness. So, when you look at others, try to remember we’re exactly the same in that we have the same awareness.
  2. All Living Beings want happiness, and they don’t want suffering. another thing that makes us all the same is our desire for happiness and wish not to suffer. No matter who you look at, human or otherwise, we all want these simple things. So, Republican and Democrats should remember we’re all the same humans.
  3. Compassion for others fixes us & them. One major thing we can learn by cultivating compassion is the fact that it brings us immense happiness, and brings inconceivable happiness to the world. In fact, if all humans had inconceivable compassion, it would end suffering in the world. There’d be no wars, no hunger, no subscribing to religions that call for killing others, no interest and motivation in stockpiling weapons or profits at the expense of others. Literally, all of the modern day problems we’ve come to know so well would be eradicated. We would also stop killing innocent animals for food, and we probably would not be dealing with Covid-19 which seems to have come from capturing animals for food.
  4. Hate is Hate. What I mean by this is that our hate is the same as other’s hate. Yes, hate comes on a spectrum from small to big, so while some may be more hateful than others, it’s all the same thing. So, the irritation that a somewhat well mannered person feels for a bad driver on the highway is just a less radical version of the hate that a murder feels for someone they kill. Though it seems totally different, we should remember that we all have experienced and even acted out hate. And we should understand that hate destroys all peace/happiness
  5. One cannot really talk about compassion without mentioning Karma. Karma, according to buddhism, means that every thought, speech, and action plants a seed that is the cause for a future result. Any thought, speech, action that occurs based upon the motivation of desire, aversion or ignorance creates unhappiness. Conversely, you can say any thought, speech, and action that occurs based upon selfless love & compassion will create happiness. Thus, there is no better way to create the causes for happiness than to practice selfless, unattached love and compassion for all living beings. This is the fastest way to purify our self cherishing minds and attachment to a self which is the cause of all suffering
  6. Spend some time analyzing the disadvantages of self cherishing, and the benefits of cherishing others. If you’re honest, you won’t be able to avoid the massive insights that will arise in your mind.

May all beings benefit from this short blog, May their bodies, speech, and minds be completely purified as a restful of this short blog post. May love arise spontaneously in the mind of every being. Sending my love to you all. Hugs!!

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